Meetings & Events

Timetable 2019


Tuesday 6  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Monday 12   HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm                                              FUNGI FOCUS w/Darren Springer

(Thursday 15 – Project Indigo special session)

Tuesday 20  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Tuesday 27  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

August weekend session TBC



Sunday 1 – Outing to RHS Wisley – Join us at Wisley for a great day out

Tuesday 3  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

(Thursday 5 – Project Indigo special session)

Tuesday 10  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Tuesday 17  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Thursday 19 – Save, Share, Love: seed saving for beginners 6:00 – 8:30 Capital Growth training session. Session is free for Members of Rainbow Grow. All others must book via Eventbrite.

Saturday 21  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 12:00-4:00pm   Details of this special session and booking process to be confirmed.

Tuesday 24  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Saturday 28 – Fungi Fest – Urban Harvest Celebration & Social Gathering  12-8pm  Details to be confirmed.



Tuesday 1  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday 8  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday 15  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-7:30pm

Tuesday 22  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-7:30pm

Sunday 27  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 12-4 Making session (watch this space for details)





Tuesday 2   – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:00 – 7:00 Mushroom Focus with Darren Springer. Extended gardening session until 8pm.

Tuesday 9  – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Sunday 14 HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) Open Garden from 12-5pm. There will be an artist-led workshop from 12:30 – 3pm using plants in the garden to make anthotypes (plant prints). Please email to register for the session. 

Tuesday  16 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm

Tuesday  23 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm

Wednesday 24 – HCVS Open Day members in the garden from 4:30 – 7:30.

Tuesday  30 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm


Tuesday 4 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-8 pm (Fungi focus from 5-7)

Saturday 8 June  10:30- 1:30 Ticketed training session with Capital Growth                                     Boots, Boxes & Balconies: Growing edibles in confined spaces

This session will look at how and what to grow in small and challenging places.

Even if all you have is a window box, cooking with own-grown herbs and drinking fresh mint tea are possible. But so is having a fresh supply of cherry tomatoes throughout the summer. Edible flowers will add colour and look great in a salad, adorning a cake, or floating in a summer cocktail. Participants will be given the opportunity to plant up a container brought to the session or provided by us.

A small number of subsidised tickets are available to members of the LGBTQI+ community via OutSavvy.

Tuesday 11 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm       

Tuesday 18 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm  

Tuesday  25 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5:30-8pm


Tuesday 7 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Saturday 18 – Rainbow Grow is part of the Chelsea Fringe

Back to the Future: Mushroom Growing in a (possibly) Post-Brexit Britain       Stressed about sourcing edible fungi if the UK leaves the EU?  Worried about where your wine caps will come from? Scared the price of shitake will mushroom? Then grow your own!  Darren Springer horticulture tutor & keen mushroom grower will be working alongside participants to create a mushroom growing area at Rainbow Grow’s Dalston base. He will be facilitating 2 free “HOW TO” sessions at 12 & 2pm. Join us for a FUNgi Day! Garden open 11-4. Refreshments available 

Back to the Future

Tuesday 21 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm – Fungi Focus

Saturday 25 – Rainbow Grow is part of the Chelsea Fringe – Rainbow Chard Plant-IN 

Join us for some horticultural direct action!

Rainbow Grow is hosting a mass record-setting Plant-In at our Dalston base. Last year we held our ground-breaking Pop=Up Pansy Planting Sessions and this year we will be planting thousands of Rainbow Chard seeds (to take away our leave in our care).

Come and see our new accessible raised-bed garden and why we were chosen as one of London’s top food gardens.   Garden open 1-5. Refreshments available 

Rainbow Chard Plant-In


Tuesday 2 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Tuesday 9 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 4-6pm   (regular session)                        6-8:30  Ticketed training session with Capital Growth Better Together – companion planting & natural pest control

Tuesday 16 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Tuesday 23 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Saturday 27The BIG Dig! HCVS Garden open from 11-4  Bring a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer or just a smile! Help build a raised bed or plant up one. Refreshments on offer to all volunteers.

Tuesday 30 – Fungi Foundations: The first foray into our Fungi Frontier  We will be gardening from 5 and then Rich Wright from Forever Fungi will help participants to learn more about Fungi (from 6-8:30). HCVS Garden & Training Room (24-30 Dalston Lane). Non-Members wishing to participate will need to register and pay a small fee.




Tuesday 5 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 2-4pm

Weekend Session – Sunday 10 –  HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 11am-4pm.  Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 19 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 2-4pm – Joint session with Opening Doors. Everyone welcome.

Tuesday 26 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 2-4pm


Saturday 2 – Members only pruning session 11-2. Details sent via email

Tuesday 19 – Joint session with Opening Doors. HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane)            2-4pm        Everyone welcome

Weekend Session – Saturday 23 from 11 till 4 –  THE GREAT BIG GREENHOUSE ERECTION!   Please help us put together the greenhouse that has been given to us. And if there is enough time we will also be construction raised beds for the accessible mini-garden at the back of Age UK right next door to HCVS.

January 2019

Sunday 20 – Visit to William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow. Meet at 11am at the gallery. It’s free but we request you book a place via outsavvy. Please go to

Monday 21 – HCVS due to reopen. Tuesday meetings tbc.


Saturday 1 December – Evening fundraising event at Our/London Vodka, E8 from 8pm. For more details and tickets (go to Eventbrite)

(No weekday meeting)

Weekend session – Sunday 9 December  11-1 HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane)


HCVS will be closed from the end of the work day on 14 December until 21 January. Watch this space and our Facebook page for dates in the new year.


Tuesday 6 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 3-5pm

Weekend Session – Sunday 11 HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 11am-1pm (Led by Clair)

Weekend Session – Saturday 17 HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 11am-1pm (led by Kad)

Tuesday 20 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 3-5pm

Friday 23 – Presentation of grant cheque (all current members welcome)

AGM – Evening Meeting for all members Tuesday 27 November at 6:30pm in the conference room at HCVS (24-30 Dalston Lane). Please bring annual membership fee of £1 unless you have paid this sum during August, September or October 2018.



Tuesday  2 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Tuesday  9 –  HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Tuesday 16 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm                                                 Hosting a meeting of community gardeners/gardens 6:30 – 8:30

Tuesday 23 – NO SESSION


Tuesday 30 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 3-5pm


Tuesday  4 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Tuesday 11 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Tuesday  18 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Urban Food Fortnight – 20 September – 7 October. This event will be taking place at different venues in London.

SATURDAY 22 September – A Celebration of London’s Urban Harvest. HCVS garden open to the public from 11-4pm. Details of activities to be confirmed. 

Tuesday  25 September – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm


Tuesday  7 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Sunday 12 August – Special Weekend Session at HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane, E8) . New volunteers especially welcome.  11am to 4pm. There will be cake!

Tuesday  14 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm (Joint sessions with Opening Doors, London)

Tuesday  21 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Thursday 23 – Special Session for Project Indigo members only

Tuesday  28 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm (Special invite to LGBTQI+ members of Hackney Carers)

Friday 31 – Invitation only Garden Party/Barbecue from 7pm

Note: Changes to this schedule and any additional sessions, esp those taking place at Cordwainer will be put on Facebook


Monday 2 July thru Sunday 8 July – Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Sunday 1 July thru Friday 31 August – Participation in Bursting with Pride                                           Vote for us at participating branches of Tesco.

Tuesday 3 July – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane, E8) 5-7pm

Saturday 7 July – Pride in London Parade

Tuesday  10 July – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane, E8) 5-7pm

Tuesday 17 July –  HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane, E8) 5-7pm

Sunday 22 July – Open Day at HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane, E8) . New volunteers especially welcome.  11am to 4pm. There will be cake!

Tuesday  24 July – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane, E8) 5-7pm

Saturday 28 July – Outing to Christopher Lloyd’s garden – Great Dixter (House & Gardens). We will be travelling by minivan from Hackney to the garden in East Sussex. Please email if interested.


Tuesday  5 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Saturday 9 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane)  11-4     Open day, especially for those unable to join in on Tuesdays.

Tuesday 12 – Cordwainers Garden  5-7pm

Tuesday 19 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm   Joint session with Opening Doors. But everyone welcome!

Tuesday 26 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm    Everyone welcome!

Thursday 28 June thru Sunday 1 July – Putting up garden at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show Growing from Prejudice to Pride


Tuesday 1 –  HCVS Garden  5-7pm

Tuesday 7 – HCVS Garden 5-7pm

Week beginning 14 – Pop-up Plant a Pansy session with Hackney Council staff and the public (details tbc)

Tuesday 15 –  Cordwainers Garden  5-7pm  Plant a Pansy session with members of Opening Doors

Sunday 20 – Whole day gardening session at HCVS 11-4

Tuesday 22 – HCVS Garden 5-7pm

Saturday 26 – Planting session at Family Picnic (Kad & tbc)

Tuesday 29 – Cordwainers Garden  5-7pm


Tuesday 10 – Cordwainers Garden  5-7pm

Saturday 14 – London Fields from 11am Plant a Pansy session (Ed, Kad, Raul & Clair) EVERYONE welcome!

Tuesday 17 – HCVS Garden (24-30 Dalston Lane) 5-7pm

Thursday 19 – Plant a Pansy session with Project Indigo (Clair & Kad)

Saturday 21 – The Big Dig at Cordwainers Garden 2-5pm. Plant a Pansy session hosted by Rainbow Grow members. Everyone Welcome!

Monday 23 – Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

Tuesday 24 – Plant a Pansy session – 1pm at HCVS  (Clair & tbc)

Tuesday 24 – Gardening Session at HCVS (24-30 Dalston Lane)  5-7pm

Wednesday 25 – Plant a Pansy session with Hackney LGBT Carers at HCVS from 6:15pm

Monday 30 – Plant a Pansy session with LGBT Youth Group from 6pm